Family History Starter Kit:

What is Family History?


Family history research is a powerful way to help students discover their unique story, and the stories of history makers before them. It's about putting together a puzzle of your past. Who are your ancestors? What did they look like? Who did they love? And how did it all lead to you? This is what family history is about: uncovering the family story that led to who you are today.

The following lesson plan and resources are designed to help you introduce family history in class in relevant and engaging ways. We know family history can be challenging, so we have included a letter to guardians requesting approval to build a family tree. If they choose to opt out of the family tree activity, we have included alternative guides for students to research, build and explore the family trees of inspiring individuals throughout history.

Lesson Plan

What is Family History?

Following feedback from our teacher community, these lesson plans are published on Google Drive to easily download and personalize for your curriculum needs.