AncestryClassroom FAQ

Why do you need my school’s public IP addresses?
Ancestry uses a school’s external IP addresses to log users into the site. IP authentication is the industry standard for online resources and therefore quite common in libraries, colleges, etc. By providing us with your locations’ public IP addresses our site will be able to look for traffic from your network coming in. When this happens, the site will automatically log you in based on your IP. There will be no usernames/passwords for you or your students to deal with. Ancestry will not use your IP address information for any other purpose beyond authentication.

Are my students not allowed to create their own trees on the classroom site?
No, students are prohibited from creating their own trees on the site. This is because we strive to be COPPA compliant so no personal information from students can be saved directly on the site. Should your curriculum require that your students build family trees, the Resources tab has printable charts and forms that will allow them to keep track of information using pen and paper. They are also free to print and/or save most of the records they find while using the site. This can be helpful when trying to build reports or use history.

Can other teachers and librarians use the site or just one class?
We typically setup Classroom accounts in one of two ways.
  1. For a whole school building.
  2. For a whole district.
Requesting access for a school would provide everyone at that location with the ability to access the resources included in the grant. If you initially requested access for a single school and want to upgrade to a district-wide setup, just let us know and we can typically accommodate the setup change. Due to the way most school networks are implemented we highly recommend requesting a district setup from the start, if possible. This will typically end up requiring less work from both yours and our side as well as provide a more seamless integration for your schools.

Additional Resources – Please don’t forget that the AncestryClassroom site itself has many resources located on the Resources and Associates tabs. You can find things like lesson plans, research tips, and more on this site.

I'm having an issue with the site. What should I do?
If you are having trouble with certain items like logging in or a function not working properly, the first thing you should try is clearing your browser's cache. This alone will resolve many of the issues you're having. If that doesn't initially resolve the problem, please refer to the troubleshooting guide that was included with your setup email. To request another copy of the guide or for further assistance, please email [email protected].

Does the grant offer DNA kits to schools?
At this time we are declining to sell AncestryDNA kits to K12 locations or any environment that may potentially involve minors in order to help protect the privacy and online security of those individuals. The only way for your students to take an AncestryDNA test would be for them to go through their own parent/guardian at home.

Can my college or university sign up for AncestryClassroom?
AncestryClassroom is only to be used in primary and secondary schools. Post-secondary institutions should contact ProQuest to purchase Ancestry Library Edition. Click here for more information.

I'm in college now. How can I keep using Ancestry?
If you're enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university, you can subscribe to Ancestry's World Explorer Student Plan for just $4.99/month. Click here for more information.